Literally, Revolutionary. Intro to My New 2 Part Blog Series

Law of Attraction.  Mindset.  Soul Contracts.  Healing.  

If you are in the New Age spirituality, healing, or metaphysical field, no doubt these are the buzz words you hear constantly.  But what do they really even mean?  After hearing these concepts so often, they can almost become something we say by rote.  We may feel like we are doing others a favor by reciting these snippets of wisdom, but you may be unconsciously alienating others.  I've created a free 2 part blog series, consciously examining how can we apply these common concepts in our lives, without unconsciously hurting others.  I hope you'll give it a read!  

Literally, Revolutionary.  Part 1:  Mindset Cures Illness is Simply an Oversimplification

I know when people use these concepts of Law of Attraction & Mindset, and apply them to healing & illness to help their friends, clients, and peers, that their intent isn’t to harm others. 

Unfortunately though, it is all too common to use these concepts unconsciously in everyday conversations and inadvertently hurt others around us.  As someone who’s been in the New Age spirituality field for the last 16 years and suffers from an illness, I have a few EXPERT LEVEL tips that can take your friendships, or yoga/card reading/coaching/massage/reiki practice to the next level. 

In this free 2 part blog series, learn how to consciously apply the Law of Attraction & Mindset to illness - without alienating others, and perhaps learn how to vibe a bit higher in the process!!  My first article on Mindset is an intro to this series, and will be followed up next week by an epic piece on the Law of Attraction Reversed – How the Law of Attraction Got it WRONG.  Yes, you heard me right – Law of Attraction got it WRONG!!! 

Honestly, these views are NEVER talked about openly, and I’ve never seen anything like it in my 16 years in the field.  These pieces come from the heart, and I hope they will enlighten you!  If you resonate with this message, please share these articles with your friends and peers…..Let’s revolutionize our vibe in the healing community!!!

In Big Love, Kai

For the next chapter in our series read - Literally, Revolutionary.  Part 1:  Mindset Cures Illness is Simply an Oversimplification

Part 2:  next week stay tuned!  We tackle Law of Attraction and Soul Contracts - in a way that has NEVER been done before.   Sign up for the mailing list  - you're not going to want to miss this!!!