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Start watching the video at 4:52

4:52 - The Merry go round of Misery + there’s a better way to have a more permanent positive outlook - The Shadow Work process I’ve perfected being stuck flat in bed for the last 1,570 days straight, that I will teach you in the challenge.

14:37 - the benefits of this challenge and who this challenge is for


Everyone WANTS to feel better about their illness, disability, or condition (IDC), but one thing I've noticed -

that I bet you have too - 

is that no one really DOES feel better about their IDC. 


All you need to do to see proof of this, is to scroll through the illness support groups online, or even your regular Facebook feed.  

If you do this, you will witness,  

post after post,

after post -

of people complaining, suffering, and generally feeling BAD.

You may have even found yourself complaining to others, in hopes they will help you feel better. 

But it's always temporary.  


I am NOT knocking the illness support groups or FB feeds or complaining in appropriate way, in any way, shape, or form.  In fact, they have helped me tremendously with my own illness.    

However, if you want to know how to:

  • feel better emotionally

  • and how to feel more positive on a permanent basis about your illness, disability, or condition (IDC),


Then these groups will NOT help you with that.


These illness support groups,

and this "help-me-feel-better" mindset, 

specialize in what I call,

"The Merry-go-round of Misery." 


You will feel temporarily better, while the 'I'm-so-sorry-you're-going-through-this' comments come into your post.

But after the day is over,

and after your post is lost among all the other posts -

life will happen –

and then there you are again –

right back on the 'I feel terrible,' help-me-feel-better-everyone-Misery, Merry-go-round. 


This is NOT a fulfilling life. 

And there IS a better way.



What if you could make YOURSELF feel better?

What if these things didn't upset you so deeply in the first place? What if you knew how to let people's comments roll off your back? What if you didn't have to explain your illness anymore – to anyone?

What if you could use the time that you spend, feeling terrible and abused by people who 'don't get it' –

And, INSTEAD of all that feeling miserable-ness,

you could train yourself to focus on the things in your life that bring you happiness?


I bet you are saying – sounds like there's a catch.  Right?  Or, sounds 'too good to be true.' 

Because that sounds great, and almost everyone with an IDC wants those things.

But I can tell you, the reason these things evade us, and the reason that the average person in an illness support group can't achieve these states of being, is because it involves something a bit scary. 

Something that NOT everyone is willing to do. 

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about doing our own Inner Work, or some call it doing our Shadow Work.

Shadow work or inner work, whichever you call it, is a process of confronting our own uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. 

THAT is 'the catch.' 

Most people are not willing to confront their uncomfortable emotions, and some people just don't how. 

This is WHY, most people will be posting in those illness support groups, for who knows how many years to come - 

with the exact same problems as the year before.



Instead, I want to CHALLENGE you to get OFF of the Merry-go-round-of-Misery.


You are invited,

to learn this Shadow Work process that

has helped me so much -

these last 1,570 days - straight -

of being stuck flat in bed. 


Being stuck in bed for over 4 years,

has allowed me to perfect my method of Shadow work,

and by doing this shadow work,

I learned to LOVE MY ILLNESS.  


Even though my illness has put me in the very difficult position of being stuck in my room for 4 years, this process has been the main ingredient in how I cope with it. 


So HOW do I do it?  HOW do I get done what I need to get done?  How do I stay positive or neutral day to day?  HOW am I not wildly depressed or suicidal?  HOW am I not SO bored, I'm simply losing my mind?  HOW do I tolerate this life, of being trapped in my own bedroom?


You have the opportunity to learn my technique, for how you can better cope with your own illness, disability, or condition (IDC),

and maybe, just maybe, even come to LOVE YOUR ILLNESS too.   


Join me, FOR FREE -



and get OFF of your Misery Merry-go-round for good.  




Who this challenge is for:


  • You're tired of being told that you 'just need to exercise more' or you 'just need to eat organic food,' or you 'just need to lose weight,' and 'you'll heal.' You are definitely tired of being told that you 'attracted' your Illness, disability, or condition.  You'd like to feel better emotionally about your IDC, and not be so upset by others reactions to you, or telling you that 'they get sick too,' or 'they get tired too,' and you're tired of explaining your illness to other people who never get it – ever.
  • You have an illness, disability, or condition that is either visible, or hidden, physical or mental.  This includes people with hidden IDCs such as fibromyalgia, ehlers danlos, lupus, MS, migraines, CFS/ME, back issues, Intracranial Hypertension, CSF leaks, or anxiety or depression, among many other numerous IDCs.  This includes people with mobility issues who use visual mobility aids like wheelchairs and crutches as well.
  • You are probably into spirituality or yoga, in some shape or form, even if you are an athiest.  You may have tried to do yoga, or you may try to eat healthy, but you don't always succeed because your condition can get in the way and complicate things.
  • You are drawn to people who somehow manage to be positive despite all the crap going on in their life. You wonder – how the heck do they DO that?
  • You are willing to set aside the time and energy necessary for 3 days, to doing your inner self development work, through journaling and self reflection.

What you will accomplish in the challenge:


  • Learn about what shadow work IS and WHY we do shadow work, and HOW does this helps us cope with our IDC
  • Shifting/Improving at least one aspect of your emotional reaction (negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions) to your IDC, into more positive ones, so you can cope better with your IDC.
  • Journaling – you will get to know yourself better and identify one area that you'd like to improve emotionally, of your IDC. For example, being triggered by others, feeling defeated, being told I'm 'negative' by others, non-acceptance of my IDC, feeling tired and exhausted all the time, or beating oneself up emotionally for feeling like you are not doing enough/or having too much to do, and feel like you're failing at things.

What people have said about working with me:


- Jennifer M.: 
“Because definitely, [Kai], your spirit and work gave me a push when I was (really) down in the dumps, and I really relate and I empathise with it all. You're real. I interact with a lot of people from Christina's group regularly. So seeing you push yourself and do stuff for your viewers is inspiring. It is helping me close the gap of, "Yes I can!" rather than hiding in the illness illusion. Because that's easy enough, too. Especially when everyone around you wants you to simply give up and be a good little sick girl. So thank you! You are awesome!!”
-  Martha B.:
“This class and process is fantastic and helps me accept and even transcend my limitations. I love it!”
-  Joanna R.:
"Kai Elliot, you've helped me to explain to non-ills what illness is like by letting me know it's ok to explain - that's not me being tiresome, it's just a fact of life and if they want to live it around me, they are choosing also to live with that fact.

Also, I'm not in a lot of these spirit circles where I'm faced with shaming but I am in biz circles with the same. There you either get "well u r just not working hard enough to keep up" or " just get over it! I used to be sick and look at me!" ( that's usually the 'think it away' people) or you get " well u r just too sick to do it then". Neither of these is true. Maybe, I'm too sick to keep up but I'm doing things my way, how I can.

You made me see I'm not alone and can even help other people to see the same thing. I can teach them how to have a relationship with their illness and press on their own way at their own speed.

Mainly I get all this from your advocacy and sisterhood.”



Check with your therapist and/or your Doctor and get permission to make sure you are ready for this DEEP and often intense Inner Work.  I, Kai Elliot, am not a Dr or therapist.  Please utilize a trained professional if necessary during the challenge, and/or, do this challenge with your therapist.  


This challenge is for YOU.  You will get out of this challenge what you put into it.  I do not give you the answers in this challenge, the answers are within you. The more you dig into the inner work we do in this challenge, the more deeply you will be rewarded.  Keep in mind, accepting your IDC has been known to take literally YEARS to do.  But, improving your outlook on your IDC is well within reach.  So have realistic expectations about what we will achieve here, but also know, that no one can do this work but you. 

The upside, is that YOU are the one to reap the benefits from this work. 

  • In more happiness, fulfillment, less arguments with others about your IDC
  • less sadness when people don't understand you
  • more acceptance of your IDC.
  • Improving your outlook on your IDC will free up your energy in your life to stop worrying about your IDC all the time, and simply enjoy your life.


There are no 'right' answers in this challenge, and I do not give you the answers. The answers are within you, and they are individual to you. This challenge, is the process of bringing forward your answers, uncovering them, and dusting them off. Spiffing up what you didn't even know was in there.




When does the challenge start?

April 25-27th, Wednesday-Friday

Who is it with?

Kai Elliot sitting indian style in white sand surrounded by desert shrubs.  A silver tank drum is in front of her and she's wearing all black and smiling

Me, Kai Elliot, of www.kaielliot.com, your #IllnessPositive #ILLPO, bedridden 22 hours of everyday, zebra-spoonie writer extraordinaire! And a private group of people who are just like you, who tired of their IDCs effects in their life – but – who are also positive, and ready to show up and do the work and so they can move forward too. All in all, it's going to be a great group of #ILLPO forward spiritual spoonies, who are ready to take life by the reins and support each other in a sacred community of #ILLPO warriors.


In our own pop-up, secret Facebook group. A pop-up FB group means, that these teachings will only be available for the challenge, and after that, the group goes away because I'm deleting it!  So show up live, because after the challenge is over, the group will be deleted.

What tools do I need to attend?

You need your computer with access to FB, you need a notebook and pen to journal with, and you need the time to do self reflection and journaling each day.  You will need about two hours each day of the challenge. One hour for class, and one hour for journaling and self reflection.

What if I can't make to every day of the challenge or what if I don't have 2 hours I can spend on one of the days of the challenge?

The content will be left up through Sunday night, 4/29/18 at 11:59 PM PST. So if you miss a lesson, you can make it up over the weekend.

Will you help me if I get stuck?

Yes. During the live classes, there will be a Q&A period for your questions each day, and also, there is a running daily question thread that your questions will be answered in, on all the challenge days.

What is the best way to contact Kai Elliot?

For the best response, and to ensure I don't miss your enquiry if you need assistance, contact me on Facebook messenger, instead of contacting me by email.  Here's the link to my business page, message me there:  https://www.facebook.com/Kai-Elliot-1693361607552321/

How do I join the challenge?

Click the button below, and you will be taken to the challenge signup page. Once you sign up for the challenge, you will receive the directions you need, and your sign up link for the secret  FB group in your email inbox. 

*Make sure to put your Facebook name in the sign up box, so that I can add you to the secret FB group.




Start watching the video at 4:52

4:52 - The Merry go round of Misery + there’s a better way to have a more permanent positive outlook - The Shadow Work process I’ve perfected being stuck flat in bed for the last 1,570 days straight, that I will teach you in the challenge.

14:37 - the benefits of this challenge and who this challenge is for