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And is designed to introduce you to the basics of Illness Positive Healing for the spiritual field.

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This course is taught by Kai Elliot - Illness Positivity Advocate, spiritual teacher, author, speaker, and expert on New Age Illness Shaming.

You will learn in this course:

  • How to reach an untapped market of clients with your healing or spiritual services
  • How to develop trust and repoire with your clients who have an illness, disability, or condition (people with an illness or condition makeup 20% of the U.S. population or 1 in 5 people)
  • Learn the specific guidelines that will remove awkwardness in conversation or the feeling of not knowing what to say
  • Increase the professionalism and appeal of your spiritual business by having the knowledge that others do NOT


This course, Intro to Illness Positive Healing, starts June 29th & is limited to a few ppl bc it’s my BETA which means it’s the first time I’m running it.

There is a TON of emotional labor that goes into teaching this material in a high vibe way, & it is cram packed with content.  This course is filled with the incredible #ILLPO teachings that I’ve honed over the last 2 years, by speaking with all the spiritual spoonies that I know, being disabled myself & bedridden for 4 years, being disabled for 7 years, being in the spiritual community for 18 years, & distilling these #ILLPO guidelines down into simplified lists, terms, & best practices.

The result is a course that will work to transform each Healer, Practitioner, or Teacher through subtle revelations & experiential learning.

There’s bound to be some Shadow Work in this course, but also a conversation, understanding, & compassion.

This course is for heart-centered Healers, Spiritual Practitioners, & Teachers, who want to do their very best to serve their clients in the most professional & caring way.





Class 1. The Circle of Consciousness.  June 29th, 2-4pm PST: 

This talks about how do you, as a Healer, approach the topic of illness, disabilities, or conditions with your clients?  What is your mindset on illness & where does it fall on the circle of consciousness?  A brief overview on what are invisible vs visible illnesses, and a discussion of what is accessible vs what is not.  

Class 2: Illness Positivity Definitions - Explained.  July 6th, 2-4pm PST:  

Learning about the mindset of your clients w illness.  A discussion and lesson on the different kinds of New Age Illness Shaming, and the reasoning behind why certain behaviors are not done with ILLPO healers, & the effects of various types of New Age Illness Shaming on people with illness.

Class 3: Illness Positivity DO’s.  July 13th, 2-4pm PST:

Basic ILLPO guidelines for understanding what TO say & to DO when the topic of illness comes up & how to make your clients more comfortable & feel welcome & trust you as a Healer.  We will discuss the WHY behind each 'DO.'

Class 4: Illness Positivity DONT’s.  July 20th, 2-4pm PST:

Basic ILLPO guidelines for what NOT to say to clients and people with illness.  We will discuss most importantly, the WHY behind why we don’t ever say certain things to our clients as Illness Positive Practitioners.

Class 5: Live Class with your Questions.  July 27th, 2-4pm PST:

Your questions as a Healer, Teacher, Practitioner, etc, of how to implement these ILLPO teachings in your practice with clients & where to go next.  Each person will get personal ILLPO laser mentoring, during this final 2 hour class session for your questions.  



The Illness Positiivity teachings in this course are NOT 'common sense' teachings - Illness Positivity must be taught formally.  


  • 10 hours of material.  Each class will be approximately 2 hours each and taught by Kai. 
  • This course is limited in availability, and enrollment will be closed when we reach capacity.  
  • Price is subject to increase, so you want to buy soon, or you could miss out on the $70 BETA deal.  
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