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Body Positivity for the Spiritual Field  

Free Ebook!  This has Do's & Don'ts of how to be Body Positive in the New Age spirituality field and how to not inadvertently New Age Illness Shame someone.  Most New Age Illness Shaming is unintentional, so the intent of this book isn't to shame anyone, it's simply a proactive way, to move forward positively, together.  

A downloadable PDF with a printable bullet point cheat sheet for Body Positivity!  Useful for practitioners, as well as those with illness, disability, or conditions, in the New Age spirituality field.

The Law of Attraction Got it WRONG Illness and soul contracts

FREE EBOOK - The Law of Attraction Got It WRONG:  Illness & Soul Contracts 

This is the full length blog post that was part of the 'Literally, Revolutionary' Blog Series in a printable format that's easy to give to friends.  


Got someone who thinks you've "caused your illness with your mindset"?  Print this article out and hand it to them so they can be educated. 

Are you a New Age Practitioner?  Find out how to handle your clients with an illness in the most professional way, and find out why having an illness doesn't make your clients 'low vibe' or 'negative.'  

A printable poster of community guidelines for practitioners to follow to prevent New Age Illness Shaming.  You can hang this in your yoga studio, or leave in the lobby of your favorite neighborhood center. 

Almost 30 pages of free content!


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