A photo of Kai Elliot.  She's wearing all black, and a black kimono, standing in the wide open desert, holding a walking stick.  It's sunny out, and the sun is bright behind her head.  You can see mountains in the background.


Hi!  I'm Kai Elliot.  

I'm a trained yogi, sound, & energy healer; who's been in the New Age spirituality field for the last 18 years.  


I never thought I'd lose it all - my independence, my friends, my relationships, my business, my free-traveling lifestyle -


But then, I did.


Getting sick and becoming disabled was hard.


It was then that shockingly I'd discover, the stigma in the new age spirituality field, that comes from having an illness.


I'd unwittingly discovered by becoming disabled, what is called New Age Illness Shaming (NAIS) ™️ .

NAIS is when people in the spiritual field shame others, because they're not experiencing the health that the onlooker values as the 'right' way to exist in this world.

Personally, I don't believe that there is a 'right' way to exist in this world. I believe in love and that we are all innately perfect and valuable as we are now, up to and including Illnesses, Disabilities, and Conditions (IDC), our 'fat,' our 'flaws,' and anything else.  


New Age Illness Shaming ™️  is painful

In response to my experiences of NAIS, I started writing openly about how it affected me. Surprisingly, there were thousands of other people out there, experiencing NAIS;  just like me.

They shared their stories with me, of people who had been dumped by all their spiritual friends when they got cancer. I was sent screen shots of NAIS in progress. People all over the country and all over the world wrote to me exclaiming, 'The same thing happened to me!!!'

The one common thread in all of these stories of New Age Illness Shaming ™️,  was that the people who criticized them, seemed to have a strong belief in Law of Attraction (LoA) being able to change any possible circumstance in the whole Universe.

In addition, they thought that the person with the IDC should convert to their religious belief and believe as they do, because according to them, the LoA was the 'right' spiritual answer to Illness.



But I wonder, is the LoA always the 'right' answer to Illness? 


What are the impacts of using the LoA and mindset in regards to ourselves, vs. using the LoA and mindset on others


What I've found is that while using the LoA and mindset on ourselves is empowering; using the LoA and mindset in regards to others is SHAMING - whether one intends it to be or not.  


This is the difference between being an Illness Positive ™️ Practitioner, and New Age Illness Shaming ™️ someone.  It is in understanding this difference of approach, that a TRULY professional and TRULY transformational healing practice can be born.   Without knowing this, your clients will be harmed by you.   


Take a journey through my experiences of being a happy, normal person, attending retreats and kirtan in the deserts of Arizona where I live - to becoming bedridden, and still showing up for the spiritual events I loved. 


What was this like?  How did I experience the Law of Attraction and mindset teachings I was such a fan of - now that I was disabled?  How did this affect my relationships with others in the spiritual field?   

How can you benefit as a healer, teacher, or practitioner in the spiritual field by reading my account?  Read on, in the writing section, to experience my spirituality before Illness - and after.   

Learn how I ended up FLAT in bed for the last four years, here

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 Me, at Sivananda Nassau, Bahamas, at the Yoga Peace Ambassador Certification program, with Elaine Valdov, of the United Nations.   This is how blurry the original picture was.  We decided it was all the good energy present at graduation :)

Me, at Sivananda Nassau, Bahamas, at the Yoga Peace Ambassador Certification program, with Elaine Valdov, of the United Nations.   This is how blurry the original picture was.  We decided it was all the good energy present at graduation :)

Relevant Classes, Certifications & Experiences


The Wounded Healer:  A Virtual Hangout for Spiritual Spoonies - January 2017 - December 2017

The Fool's Journey:  Intro to Tarot Workshop - Mohave Mind Body Spirit Center, January 2016

Founder & Leader of Bullhead City Sunset Drum - Bullhead City, Arizona, 2015

Member – Tarosophy Professional Tarot Association 

Member – Tarot Association of the British Isles

Kirtan - Sedona, Arizona, 2010

Resident - Sedona, Arizona, (VOC) 2008-2010

Yoga Instructor Certificate - YogaFit Redondo Beach, Ca 2005

Water Yoga Instructor, Lifeguard, & First 5 LA Educator – YMCA 2003

Yoga Instructor – Clark County 2005

In Residence Yoga Seva - Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox, Massachusetts 2006

Certified Yoga Peace Ambassador & Kirtan - Elaine Valdov, United Nations, & International Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Center, Nassau, Bahamas 2008

Sound Healing - Center of Light and Shamanic Studies, Leyden, Massachusetts 2013

Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church 2013

Reiki level 2 - Sunny Dawn Johnston, Scottsdale, Arizona 2014

Life Force energy healing practitioner - Deborah King 2013

Shining Business Academy – Leonie Dawson 2015

Microbusiness Advancement Center - Small Business Planning Certificate, Tucson, Arizona 2011

Congressional Certificate of Recognition,, Tucson, Arizona 2011

Small Business Development Center, Business Planning – Denver, Colorado 2012

HH The Dalai Lama, 5 day in person Teachings, Madison, Wi. 2008

Non-violent communication – Michael Shell 2008

Animal communication – Unity of Mohave  2013

Flight Attending - SkyWest Airlines, Chicago, Denver, California, Milwaukee 2007

Domestic Violence Counselor - State of California, Long Beach Women's Shelter 2003

Guest Teaching Intern International Relations - California State University, Long Beach 2004

Bachelors of Arts, Political Science & International Relations - California State University, Long Beach 2004