I help people by writing about New Age Illness Shaming and Ableism in the spiritual field.

After losing everything in 2011 - my health, my business, and my independence - and all of my so-called friends, 

Four years ago, my illness, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, took a turn for the worse.  Since then, I've spent 22 hours of every day flat in bed.


I know what it's like to have an invisible illness, disability, or condition (IDC) that everyone tells me 'I caused' with my 'mindset.' 

Given my intense personal experiences with New Age Illness Shaming, I've become a writer, speaker, and educator about Ableism in the spiritual field. 

If New Age Illness Shaming (NAIS) is the problem, the solution is Body Positivity.


Coaches & healers -

Did you know that being Body Positive means NOT pointing out a person's 'imperfect health?'

Just as it's not appropriate to point out someone's 'imperfect weight' or figure, one should never engage in shaming, lecturing, or 'teaching' someone because of their health condition.    Get the Body Positivity Cheat Sheet Dos & Don'ts for the spiritual field guide, here, so that you aren't alienating your clients by unintentionally New Age Illness Shaming them.   

I am the ONLY person teaching Body Positivity for the spiritual field..  

You CAN, and WILL be changed by this work, on New Age Illness Shaming, Ableism, & Body Positivity for the spiritual field - should you dare to take a look.  




Blog series on Mindset.  This blog explains why you are wrong about your clients' Mindset & Illness in a fairly short article.

If you are suffering with an illness or condition yourself, this Ebook explains how Soul Contracts may be the root cause of your illness – NOT your 'mindset.'  I get personal about my illness, my journey, and why I believe as I do - which can help you see that the lie we've been told about 'attracting' our illness or condition.   Understanding the theory of Soul Contracts can help you see that there are many MANY diverse causes of illness, disabilities, or conditions besides 'attracting' them with bad thoughts.

We can still be wonderful, POSITIVE, FABULOUS, SPIRITUAL people - right now - with our Illness or condition, or disability. 

We don't have to listen to OTHER PEOPLE'S NEGATIVITY about OUR BODIES.  

Embracing and most of all, ACCEPTING one's illness, or station in life, is the first step to CHANGING EVERYTHING.  

By NOT frantically trying to 'affirmin-ate' your illness or adversity away, by SINKING INTO WHAT IS, you may just find - a whole 'nother reality.  And that's what I want to inspire you to do.  


For my healers, teachers, coaches, readers, and spiritual practitioners,

Do you believe that people with illness, disabilities, or conditions deserve to be treated with equal dignity, love, and respect as those without IDC? 

If your answer is yes, I want to help you understand that your language, or even just your internal belief that mindset 'causes' illness, is seeping through onto your clients, and it is most definitely losing you business. 

By studying with me and learning about Ableism in the spiritual field, you will reach 20% more clients than you did before.   

What would you do with 20% more income?  How would your life change?

I want you to read my blogs, take my courses, and read my book on Body Positivity for the spiritual field, and understand how this work will change your life for the better, and most of all, how you will connect with your clients like never before.

In Big Love,



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